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Kate’s Story is Available

Kate’s Story – now available on Amazon! If I found more time to write, I could add titles to Amazon more often and it would be easier to get the details right the first time.  Pete pointed out a few … Continue reading

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Wordplay at Large – Molassacre

Over the weekend we enjoyed a harbor cruise in Boston.  The narrator was full of trivia bits and anecdotes regarding the big city, and did a fine job mixing facts and entertainment as he spoke for nearly an hour and … Continue reading

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Mired in Chapter 16

My brother Ken was one of the first to volunteer to proofread ‘Farley Bend’.  When I forwarded the file to him, I wondered how much of himself he would see in Emily’s brother Ed.  Many of Ed’s character traits are … Continue reading

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That’s a Familiar Name

What’s in a name, anyway? Several people have asked where the name ‘Farley Bend’ came from.  The answer: I don’t know.  I was pondering the idea of writing a book during my morning drive, and somehow Farley Bend was there.  … Continue reading

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An Experiment Gone Amusingly Awry…

I spend a significant amount of time in the car each work day – nearly an hour driving to work, and of course a similar amount of time going home again.  Since I travel with a smart phone anyway, why … Continue reading

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National Novel Writing Month

In the end of October 2013 I was reminded that November is National Novel Writing Month. Hearing about it with a whole week to figure out where to begin and what to write about – amazing! Since I drive nearly … Continue reading

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