My Dad said, “I keep hearing you’re an author, but I haven’t seen your book yet.”

To be fair, I haven’t spent a lot of time and energy promoting ‘Farley Bend’.  I am still timid about sharing to wide audiences, though of course I’d be delighted if the book caught on and sold millions of copies.  Maybe. Typing that sentence made me realize I’m still a bit ambivalent about that.

Anyway, I promised Dad I would mail him a copy by the end of February.  He called a few nights ago to let me know that he’d finished the book.  We discussed some of the characters and settings, and he asked whether I plan to put the page numbers on the top of the pages instead of the bottom in the next volume.  Of course page numbers belong on the bottom, don’t they?

An informal survey of the contents of my library revealed the following:

Top of Page: Lee Child, Sue Grafton, Jonathan Kellerman, Sara Paretsky
Bottom of Page: Dick Francis, Janet Evanovich
Top or bottom, depending on book: Jeffrey Archer, Steven King, Earle Stanley Gardner

I’d never really thought that much about page number location, though you can be sure I will now!



You haven’t changed a bit…

Since elementary school.  Really?

A couple of months ago I ran into my one of my elementary school teachers.  I won’t supply exact math, but will share that fourth grade was several decades ago.  I walked away from the encounter with a smile on my face, for several reasons.  First of all, it is nice to hear comments like “you were always one of my favorites.”  Yep.  That’s one we all like to hear.

The more amusing part was the beginning of the conversation.  She opened with “You haven’t changed a bit!” and a hug.  Then, “Marilyn, right?”  I wonder who she was comparing me to before she confirmed my identity.  Do I have an evil twin out there somewhere?  Or, more accurately, does my fourth grade self have an evil twin?

I think voices change less than appearance does.  Since moving back to the town where I grew up, I’ve run into several people I used to know.  Though their faces may change, hairlines recede, and wrinkles arrive… voices remain the same.

Maybe that means I should record audio files to add to this site.

Nah.  I don’t think so.