Introverts and Writing

I really enjoyed spending time in Farley Bend, meeting the characters and figuring out what made them tick.  I’m not entirely sure my friends and coworkers realized what they signed on for when they asked “How’s the book coming?”  How much time do you have to listen to the answer?

I’ve worked on stained glass projects for a few years, largely for my own satisfaction and occasionally to present as gifts.  It took quite a while to gather the courage to offer stained glass gifts to friends and family, because it felt like I’d poured so much of myself into the crafting process.  At least I thought so at the time.

A book is an entirely different proposition.  I decided early on that if I was able to finish the book I was not going to submit it to a standard publisher or try to find an agent.  I was not prepared to have someone with authority tell me that the masterpiece I’d poured heart and soul into was not actually a masterpiece at all.  Then I heard about CreateSpace, and that authors can submit works directly to Amazon… really?  Wow!

Thanks to the relative anonymity of the internet, I can guardedly share my masterpiece.  I continue to struggle with what to share on this website – does anyone really want to know where the characters came from, how the process worked for me, and what else is in the works?  Maybe.  I guess I’ll put it out there and see what happens.

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