An Experiment Gone Amusingly Awry…

I spend a significant amount of time in the car each work day – nearly an hour driving to work, and of course a similar amount of time going home again.  Since I travel with a smart phone anyway, why not see if I can spend that time working on Volume II?

Last week I downloaded a text-to-speech app for my phone.  In theory that means I can talk to my phone and have my words turned into text that I can then import into a word processing program and add to my book.  Beautiful plan, isn’t it?

Here is an excerpt from Wednesday’s experiment:

“Ok 33 chapter 1 don’t know how will Bible try as it picked up by voice today document Lorex killer it I want they are fired list they know about it baby truck up the background sure let’s do it later 30 I want to break it apart art I need a doctor single where the F you think whitney.  Help us horse on everybody will will but they will actually be what’s going on…”

Believe it or not, that doesn’t really resemble what I said.  It’s surreal enough that I don’t think reading it helps me figure out where I was going at all.  Back to the drawing board!



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