Changing focus…

Volume II (Kate’s story) has been in the works for a few months now.  I had originally hoped to finish Kate’s story in time to begin work on Volume III (Parker House) during National Novel Writing Month.

A few real life things have interfered with my time in Farley Bend.  Here were are on November 1 – day 1 of National Novel Writing Month – and Volume II refuses to be ignored.  I realized several weeks ago that Kate’s story wouldn’t be finished, so thought I’d set Kate aside for a few weeks to learn more about the Parker House and what made Lou tick.  I didn’t realize how challenging that would be.

How can I leave Kate in limbo like that?  Turns out I can’t.  So I expect I’ll forfeit National Novel Writing Month this year because I am not willing to set aside the current project (NaNoWriMo rules specify the 50,000 words during November are to be a new project rather than continued work on something already in progress).  I’ll take a turn this year at being part of the participants NOT eligible for a winner Tshirt.

I think Kate is relieved, though, that she won’t have to spend as much time in limbo now.  I can continue work on Volume II and see how it turns out.  One story at a time.

Here’s a teaser, for those of you following along: in Volume II, the villain is a present day character rather than someone in the distant past.  I am enjoying writing from his perspective more than I expected to!



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