Kate’s Story is Available

Kate’s Story – now available on Amazon!

If I found more time to write, I could add titles to Amazon more often and it would be easier to get the details right the first time.  Pete pointed out a few days ago that my Amazon author page included Farley Bend (Volume I), but not Kate’s Story.  How did that happen?  I expect I missed a checkbox or some other detail.

I think I’ve now dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s (or crossed my eyes, or something like that!)  My Amazon author page now includes both titles.  Hooray!  This is more links and graphics than I’ve included on any other page – one more skill I hope to build with additional practice.

Volume III in 2016?  Maybe…

Changing focus…

Volume II (Kate’s story) has been in the works for a few months now.  I had originally hoped to finish Kate’s story in time to begin work on Volume III (Parker House) during National Novel Writing Month.

A few real life things have interfered with my time in Farley Bend.  Here were are on November 1 – day 1 of National Novel Writing Month – and Volume II refuses to be ignored.  I realized several weeks ago that Kate’s story wouldn’t be finished, so thought I’d set Kate aside for a few weeks to learn more about the Parker House and what made Lou tick.  I didn’t realize how challenging that would be.

How can I leave Kate in limbo like that?  Turns out I can’t.  So I expect I’ll forfeit National Novel Writing Month this year because I am not willing to set aside the current project (NaNoWriMo rules specify the 50,000 words during November are to be a new project rather than continued work on something already in progress).  I’ll take a turn this year at being part of the participants NOT eligible for a winner Tshirt.

I think Kate is relieved, though, that she won’t have to spend as much time in limbo now.  I can continue work on Volume II and see how it turns out.  One story at a time.

Here’s a teaser, for those of you following along: in Volume II, the villain is a present day character rather than someone in the distant past.  I am enjoying writing from his perspective more than I expected to!



Kate is a Redhead

I’m having fun working on Volume II.  This week I’m contemplating a trip to the theatre for Kate, so working out details of where she will go and what will happen while she is there.  In the first volume I deliberately avoided describing personal appearance and wardrobe much, because I’m more interested in what my people are thinking and doing than in what they look like.

When I decided that the theatre outing would be a formal affair, I talked it over with my friend Susan because she is far more fashionable than I am.   Susan asked me what Kate looks like.  Eventually we decided that Kate should be a redhead.  We have a friend in common who has beautiful red hair, so that is the mental image we started with.

Yesterday Susan provided a list of internet search results for outfits she thought would be suitable for Kate’s outing.  One of the models looked like she could be Kate, except for her hair.  Now I have a very clear picture of Kate in my head.  This weekend I’ll spend some time with her at the theatre and see what happens.