Kate is a Redhead

I’m having fun working on Volume II.  This week I’m contemplating a trip to the theatre for Kate, so working out details of where she will go and what will happen while she is there.  In the first volume I deliberately avoided describing personal appearance and wardrobe much, because I’m more interested in what my people are thinking and doing than in what they look like.

When I decided that the theatre outing would be a formal affair, I talked it over with my friend Susan because she is far more fashionable than I am.   Susan asked me what Kate looks like.  Eventually we decided that Kate should be a redhead.  We have a friend in common who has beautiful red hair, so that is the mental image we started with.

Yesterday Susan provided a list of internet search results for outfits she thought would be suitable for Kate’s outing.  One of the models looked like she could be Kate, except for her hair.  Now I have a very clear picture of Kate in my head.  This weekend I’ll spend some time with her at the theatre and see what happens.

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