National Novel Writing Month

In the end of October 2013 I was reminded that November is National Novel Writing Month. Hearing about it with a whole week to figure out where to begin and what to write about – amazing! Since I drive nearly an hour to work each morning I have time alone to ponder such things. What if part of the story was a young woman with nightmares? What is she dreaming about? And why? Can she figure out how to make the nightmares stop? And where does she live?

Farley Bend was born. Following the classic ‘write what you know’ advice, I decided to set the story in a small town in Maine. Then began the adventure of populating my small town. Who lives there? How did they get there? Who is important to the story I’m telling right now? That’s when I suspected that Farley Bend was a lot more than one novel worth of material. I could spend the first book finding out about the nightmares, then decide whose story to learn about in Volume 2. What fun!

Why write about November in June?  Because the older I get, the faster time flies.  November is just around the corner.  Have you figured out what you’d like to write about?  Check this out for inspiration:

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